Washington, DC Press Release & Media Alert Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) will hold a Grand Rally in Support of President Trump’s Immigration agenda


January 29th, 2018 Washington, DC Press Release & Media Alert Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) will hold a Grand Rally in Support of President Trump’s Immigration agenda to: • Build the WALL and enhance Border Security with DACA money • End Chain Migration and Reallocate to Merit Migration, to bring in the Best and the Brightest for 21st Century economy. • Eliminate Visa Lottery • Eliminate per Country Limit to end the 60+ year Green Card backlog for highly skilled Immigrants, a large % from India, on strictly merit basis for major contribution to our economy. & DACA fix without path to citizenship and DALCA fix for Legal Childhood Arrivals soon to lose Status Date and Time: Sat February 3rd 2:00 to 4:00 PM Location: in Front of White House

200 + RHC Leaders and Delegates from all over the country expected to join and show their support for President Trump.
President Trump has talked about High Skilled Backlogs. In the entire immigration debate so far, this is the first time the issue of clearing the Green Card Backlog for high skilled professionals have been taken up. All this is because of efforts of Republican Hindu Coalition.
Besides 700,000 DACA kids, there are 200,000 DALCA kids, children of legal immigrants-in-line from India, who have never broken the law, but who simply age out at 21 and have to go back, because their parents have a 60 year wait to get their green card after it is approved.
There are at least six Bills in Congress in addition to the Directive by the White House dealing with these immigration issues. Republican Hindu Coalition is in touch and closing coordinating with all the major players involved, from WH to the House and the Senate.
US Economy if it was to grow 4% per year will need another 400,000 high-skilled workers added to the work force each year. Immigration reform needs to address this issue as well.
“The Hindu and Indian community has some anxiety related to Immigration issues. This event will help to alleviate their anxieties and give them back the confidence” said Anil Sharma who is the member of the organizing team.
Souptik Mukherjee another member said “For high skilled professional with advanced degrees the green card wait seems to be endless. Any initiative to move towards a merit based immigration system is highly laudable”.
Republican Hindu Coalition was founded by Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar in November of 2015 under the leadership of Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and many other senior leaders of the Republican Party, to provide a single unified platform to build a strong, effective and respected voice in Washington and around the world. For more information about the rally or RHC, please visit the website www.rhcusa.com or contact:
Krishna Bansal National Policy and Political Director Krishna.bansal@rhc-usa.org 630-995-0235

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