Republicans Members Of Congress Form The “Congressional Hindu Caucus” Under The Leadership Of Congressmen Pete Sessions, Chris Stewart and Andy Biggs

Republicans Members Of Congress Form The “Congressional Hindu Caucus” Under The Leadership Of Congressmen Pete Sessions, Chris Stewart and Andy Biggs

Two days after a Sweeping Victory for Republicans in Virginia, and as the party continues its outreach to all communities, Over fifty House Republicans have agreed to join the Congressional Hindu Caucus (CHC). While one of the principal goals of the CHC is to integrate Hindu Americans into the mainstream of the Republican Party and to give a voice to a community that has oftentimes been ignored – party leaders have also recognized the URGENT IMPORTANCE of Hindu Americans as a powerful voting bloc, capable of single handedly tipping elections. There are now 6 million Hindu’s living in the United States, representing the largest independent voting bloc in the country, including 1.6 million Hindu American voters in the battleground states. As Steve Bannon, former CEO of the 2016 Trump Campaign declared in June of 2019, “without the Hindu American votes organized by Shalli Kumar, we would not have a President Trump today.” Mr. Kumar, in 2016 as Head of Trump’s Indian American Advisory Board, converted 1 million Hindu Americans across the country and over 300,000 across the six battleground states from Democrat to Republican. However, Hindus remain as an independent voting block that moves back and forth between D and R.

Under Trump, US and India (also known as Hindustan, land of Hindus) became closer allies, and Republicans have continued to recognize that relationship – oftentimes referring to India as America’s #1 geopolitical ally in the Indo-Pacific. After the Biden Administration’s careless Afghanistan pullout and placing India directly in the Taliban’s line of fire Senators Marco Rubio and 24 Senate Republicans have recently sought out to hold the administration accountable.

The second principal goal of the CHC is to promote a stronger alliance between US and India (Hindustan).

Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, Chairman of AVG Advanced Technologies, recognized the potential of this relationship long ago, leading to his formation in 2015 of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC). Mr. Kumar’s RHC has served as the OFFICIAL FRAMEWORK and MODEL for the CONGRESSIONAL HINDU CAUCUS; i.e. providing a single unified platform to build a strong, effective and respected Hindu-American voice within Washington DC and across the country – bridging the gap between the Hindu-American community and Republican Party Leaders, and promoting the social, economic, political, cultural, religious, and spiritual interests of Hindus. Because of Mr. Kumar’s efforts, and current world events, Hindu Americans now have a voice in American politics.

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