President Elect Trump appreciates Miss Manasvi’s volunteer services in the Trump Campaign


Dec. 16th, 2016 Press Release: President Elect Trump appreciates Miss Manasvi’s volunteer services in the Trump Campaign RHC India Ambassador Miss Manasvi, accompanied by her father RHC Chairman Mr. Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, met President Elect Donald J. Trump and his family at the Trump Towers in NYC on Dec. 15th, at 3:00 PM. The visit lasted over 45 minutes. Manasvi is former Miss India 2016, and a Bollywood actress, who had taken months off from her busy schedule to campaign for Donald Trump along with her father, the architect of the “Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar” campaign that went viral and helped Trump win the Presidency of the United States. She was the principal organizer of the Bollywood concert entitled “Humanity United Against Terror” held in Edison, NJ on October 15th, where Donald Trump made history by being the first candidate for President to address a gathering of 9,000 Hindu Americans, just three weeks prior to the Election. Bollywood stars Prabhudeva, Malaika Arora Khan, Shriya Saran, Sophie Choudry, Akhil Akkineni and Manasvi entertained the crowd for hours. This RHC event gave phenomenal boost to the Trump campaign in reaching out to 4.2 million Hindu Americans in the US. Manasvi campaigned tirelessly for two months along with her father to spread the message of Trump’s promise of making America Great again, including numerous appearances on Indian TV networks popular in the US. This high visibility meeting was set up by Steven Mnuchin who is the next US Secretary of Treasury, who also has strong Hollywood connections, as a Producer of top movies like Avatar, x-men franchise, and was also the principal liaison between the Trump campaign and Republican Hindu Coalition, and also the Indian American Advisory Council of Trump that ran his Hindu/India centric campaign. Manasvi along with Mr. Kumar entered the now famous lobby of Trump Tower at 2:45 PM in a gorgeous blue dress (styled by Swapnil Shinde) and was immediately surrounded by press eager to interview her. After giving a quick bite, she and Mr. Kumar were escorted to the golden elevator up to the offices of the President Elect Donald J. Trump. They were received by Steven Mnuchin, followed by Ivanka Trump then Mike Pence, Vice President Elect, Don Trump Jr. and then by Eric Trump who fondly reminisced his visit to the Hindu Temple in Orlando on Nov. 1st, 2016 where Manasvi was his principal host. Eric fondly remembered the seven Hindu Gods Manasvi had told him about, told her that after this visit in the Hindu temple, he had seven great days of good luck for the Trump campaign.

Subsequent to the Eric Trump meeting, Manasvi and Mr. Kumar were taken to the office of President Elect Donald J. Trump. As expected, Mr. Trump shouted out to Manasvi: “Bollywood, you look gorgeous” and turning to Steven Mnuchin said: “Isn’t she the most beautiful girl in India and US?” Then he thanked her and Mr. Kumar for working so hard to switch over hundreds of thousands of Hindu Americans to vote for him. Mr. Kumar went over the statistics of the “Ab ki bar Trump Sarkar” viral campaign: 1.2 Billion people worldwide and 60 million Non-Hindus saw the ad, it was broadcast more than 20 times a day on 20+ Indian TV networks serving the 4.2 million Hindu American population in the US. It was a massive hit on social media with 10 million You-tube impressions, 3 million views, 6 million Face Book impressions, and 2 million Twitter impressions. It trended as the 9th most important news story in the world, and was declared by the Federalist as “possibly the best ad of 2016 campaign”. President Elect was aware of the big campaign, but was somewhat surprised to hear the magnitude of the campaign. At that point, at Manasvi and Mr. Kumar’s request he decided to publicly thank the Hindu/Indian community in the US in his next rally in Orlando, FL, happening next day. Mr. Trump reaffirmed his commitment to have US and India become the “Best friends” during his administration, with particular emphasis on increasing the trade between the two countries, deepening defense ties and also taking a firm stand against cross border terrorism. Manasvi expressed her interest in making an entry in Hollywood and Donald Trump agreed to make a personal call on her behalf to the right people in Hollywood. Next day Manasvi and Mr. Kumar went back to Orlando, FL to participate in the public thank you tour of President Elect in which he specifically pointed out to more than a hundred Hindu Americans as VIP guests in the crowd and thanked the Hindu and Indian community for its amazing support during the election. Manasvi and her father were given the exclusive privilege of being in the back stage of his rally among a few select people including Mike Pence, VP Elect and Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and now a Senior Advisor. At back stage, President Elect asked Manasvi if she would be interested in serving in Trump administration in some capacity. President Elect also addressed a small gathering of about 100 VIPs at the rally with almost 15% from the Hindu American community.