1000+ RHC members rally at Whitehouse in Support of President Trump on Merit Based Immigration


1000+ RHC members rally at Whitehouse in Support of President Trump on Merit Based Immigration & DEBUNK media’s Racist charge: sending a shock wave to CNN, MSNBC and like! This was an unprecedented scene. More than a thousand members and volunteers of Republican Hindu Coalition, mostly of Hindu and Indian descent, from across the country, marched with signs and slogans: “We Love Trump”, “Trump is the Best”, “Reagan on steroids”, “We Love Kellyanne Conway”, “We love Steven Miller”, “America First”, “Make America Great Again”, “Make America Proud Again”, “Boycott Fake News”, “Trump Loves Hindus”, “Trump is not a Racist”, “Trump Great on Taxes”, “Trump Great on Crime”, “Trump bringing Ramrajya” (Rule of God), “End Chain Migration’, “End Chain Reallocate to Skilled”, “End Country Limit: Bring the Best and the Brightest”, “End Visa Lottery”, “DACA Fix: Purple Cards, No Citizenship, Fee to build the Wall”, “Don’t Forget Legal Childhood Arrivals”, “DALCA kids deserve better”, “Cut Green card Backlog”, “Hire American Buy American”, “DACA broke the law”, “DALCA obeyed the Law”.

If you hid the faces of the crowd, just looked at the signs and heard their slogans, you would think this was President Trump’s white American base at the Rally. But, once again, after the massive Hindu campaign of 2016 that converted over one million Hindu American voters from Democrat to Republican where candidate Trump on October 15th spoke at a huge Hindu rally just 3 weeks prior to the Election, Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) once again demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that Hindu Americans under the leadership provided by RHC, have come to love this businessman turned politician who is bold, speaks the truth and is a man of action. It was quite evident from this rally that Hindus totally debunk the main stream narrative of Trump being a racist. RHC believes that President Trump would be remembered as a historical, one of the Best Presidents of the Country. The rally was sponsored by the Kumar family of Chicago with Vikram Aditya Kumar as Chairman of Republican Hindu Coalition and his sister Manasvi Kumar as Vice Chair of RHC, who is also a Super Model and a renowned actress. Manasvi’s rally promotional video went viral on social media! The grass-root and on the ground effort was organized and executed by the tireless leaders of RHC led by Krishna Bansal, Anil Sharma, Utsav, Siva Moopanar, Souptik Mukherjee, Yash Bodduluri, Srinivas Nathi, Harshit Chatur and many others. Through massive efforts by RHC in Washington DC, in the House, US Senate and RHC’s deep connections with President Trump and the White House, President recently addressed the issue of Green card backlogs and has made Merit based Immigration as a requirement of any DACA fix. RHC made its position amply clear on the DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood arrivals) fix issue. First of all, the appropriate acronym of DACA should be DAICA (Illegal Childhood arrivals). RHC declared at the Rally that it has full sympathy of DAICA kids, but there should be Compassion with Justice. DAICA kids want security. They want the threat of deportation, a sword hanging on their necks, removed. It is RHC’s belief from its deep connections in the Hispanic community (many Hindus are mistaken for Hispanics and vice versa!) that DAICA would gladly pay $2500 per year for ten years in exchange for the removal of the sword and that would pay for the Wall. At the rally, RHC brought out the issue of DALCA kids which so far has been completely ignored by the main stream media. Besides the 700.000 DAICA kids, there are more than 200,000 DALCA kids, who come from highly skilled families, who are model citizens, who came here as kids, have never broken the law, pay taxes, and are great future job creators in our country. Their only fault is that they are born to parents who are citizens of India, parents who have been approved for Green cards but have to wait more than 60 years to get them due to a huge backlog caused by chain migration that eats up almost 80% of approximately one million green cards issued per year. DALCA kids lose their legal status at 21 while their parents are waiting for their Green Cards.

RHC made it amply clear that legislators must do what is ethically and morally right, issue GCs to DALCA kids. They have no problem paying the fee as DAICA kids would. Whereas DAICA broke the law, DALCA did not, that is why RHC proposed that DAICA gets work permits that is Purple Cards, whereas DALCA kids get Green cards. RHC at the Rally requested the House, the Senate and the Whitehouse to come together on legislation that must include the following: • Deferred Action on Legal Childhood arrivals and give them Green Cards within two years. $ 2500 fee per year for ten years. • End Chain Migration and Reallocate to Merit Migration, to bring in the Best and the Brightest for 21st Century economy. • Eliminate Visa Lottery • Eliminate the 7% per Country Limit to end the 60+ year Green Card backlog for highly skilled Immigrants, a large % from India, on strictly merit basis for major contribution to our economy. • Grant Purple Cards to DAICA kids in exchange for $2500 fee for ten years. This fulfills Trump promise of Mexico pays for the WALL.
There are at least six Bills in Congress in addition to the Directive by the White House dealing with these immigration issues. Republican Hindu Coalition is in touch and closing coordinating with all the major players involved, from WH to the House and the Senate. Following its massive success at the Feb 3rd Rally (a crowd of only 250 was expected, but more than 1000 showed up): RHC launches a massive campaign for the next four weeks to Fix DALCA, end Chain Migration and Reallocate to Skilled based immigration to cut the GC backlog to two years. Republican Hindu Coalition was founded by Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar, the man who conceived of “Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar” in 2016 and many believe put President Trump in the Whitehouse. It was inaugurated in November of 2015 under the leadership of Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and many other senior leaders of the Republican Party, to provide a single unified platform to build a strong, effective and respected voice in Washington and around the world. For more information about RHC, please visit the website www.rhcusa.com or contact:
Krishna Bansal National Policy and Political Director Krishna.bansal@rhc-usa.org 630-995-0235