Republican Hindu Coalition Launched in US for Advancing Community’s Cause


Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, is the honorary chairman of thecoalitionPress Trust of India | Washington November 19, 2015 Last Updated at 09:42 ISTIndian-Americans looking to amplify their voice in US politics havelaunched Republican Hindu Coalition to bring the entire community onone platform and advance policies, including strengthening the Indo-USties, important to the community members.”Having watched the Republican Jewish Coalition RJC work to achieveits goals, and after conferring with many prominent Hindu Americans, Iwas inspired to found the RHC (Republican Hindu Coalition),” thegroup’s founder Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar said in his inaugural address.Led by Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, top Republican leaders includingSenator Mitch McConnell, Pete Sessions, Chairman of House Rules Committee and Ed Royce, Chairman ofHouse Foreign Affairs Committee, blessed the formation of the coalition on Tuesday night.”RHC will build a common unified platform so that Hindu Americans have a voice, a big voice on the policytables of both the United States and India,” said Kumar.The meeting among others was addressed by Congressman George Holding, Co-Chair of the CongressionalIndia Caucus and Rodney Davis.”India’s economy is growing faster than any other and given its size, such growth has a huge impact on tradeand prosperity all over the world. India’s position of leadership in the region makes it United States’ greatestand most important allies,” Kumar said as lawmakers after lawmakers pledged to work towards thestrengthening of India US relationship.”The election of Narendra Modi as India’s new Prime Minister, showed a dramatic shift on the part of India’spopulace toward an ideology that values more economic freedom and opportunity with limited smallergovernment,” Kumar said.”These are values shared by the Republican Party in the United States. Given shared commitments to 4Fprinciples : Free enterprise, Fiscal discipline, strong Family values and Firm Foreign policy, I believe it is ourduty as successful and influential Hindu Americans to ensure that the ties between India and the UnitedStates, the world’s two largest democracies, grow even stronger,” he said.…1 of 212/13/2015 8:02 PMDr Sampat Shivangi, a leading Republican Indian-American described this as a “historic event” noting thatthere is need for a powerful uniting voice for the community.”This is a new venue. It would definitely increase the strength and bond between the two nations,” he said.In his address, Shivangi said initially he had apprehension about using the name Hindu in the coalition as atime when sharp debate is ongoing in India on religious intolerance.”But when Newt Gingrich as a Christian can become part of it, why can’t I,” he told the audience.Gingrich is the honorary chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition.”I think launching an organisation like the RHC could literally change history,” Gingrich said.…2 of 212/13/2015 8:02 PM