Steve Bannon – The First US Politician To Speak Out In Support Of The Abrogation Of Articles 370 and 35A


Steve Bannon – The First US Politician To Speak Out In Support Of The Abrogation Of Articles 370 and 35A

500 Hindu Americans recently gathered in the suburbs of Chicago to celebrate August 15th -Indian Independence Day and the 50-year anniversary of Hindu-American leader Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar’s arrival in the United States. The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) hosted the public event and forum at The Rana-Reagan Community Center in Carol Stream, Illinois.

This planned event was met with additional anticipation as just recently, on August 5th, the Indian government abrogated special category status to Jammu and Kashmir by reading down Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution.
Steve Bannon, American media executive and the former strategic advisor to President Donald Trump was on hand to honor his friend Mr. Kumar, honor India and congratulate the country on what he described as, “the beginning of great peace, prosperity and growth.”

Bannon spoke at length about his adoration of Prime Minister Modi and courage of the Indian people. After 72 years he sees the recent events as a time to celebrate, and for Kashmir and Jammu, an opportunity to truly embrace its reputation throughout Indian literature as “Swarga”, which translates to “Heaven on Earth.” Additionally, the abrogation will allow for Kashmir and Jammu to seize its potential of becoming a true super state of not just India, but of the world.

For 40 minutes Bannon and Kumar went back and forth on issues past, present and future – directly related to India, its leadership in the world and unlocking its true potential.

“I envision a world where Japan, India and the US are the guarantors of peace; all across the Indian Ocean and all across the Pacific Ocean.” -Steve Bannon

Kumar complimented Bannon, stating, “Steve Bannon is the reason we hear the word Hindu in the halls of congress;” homage to the great work and awareness Bannon has raised for the community in the Beltway. Bannon countered with, “Well Shalli, In my opinion, if it weren’t for you and your outreach to Hindu-American voters, then we would not have a President Trump right now.”