Literature – Midterm Election 2022

Bharat and America Sabse Acche Dost

President Trump’s love for Hindus, PM Modi and India, is well known.

Haribhai Patel: Vice Chair RHC with PM Modi & President Trump

Joe Biden Hilal-e-Pakistan and his candidates favor Pakistan over India.

  • Biden double speaks: While he celebrates Diwali, he wants to give $450 million F-16’s to Pakistan to wage 5th war against India.
  • They want to break up Bharat and give Kashmir to Pakistan.
  • Democrats oppose Modi’s abrogation of article 370
  • Biden’s South Asia policy advisors are all Pakistani Americans or Muslim Kashmiri seperatists: Salman Ahmed, Ali Zaidi, Sameera Fazili, Aisha Shah etc.

Biden’s proposed $450M F-16 gift to Pakistan & continual hostility towards India
Illana Omar Democrat Congresswoman in POK to promote Kashmir to break away from India and merge with Pakistan

Economy: Trump is “Reagan on Steroids”.

During his first three years before pandemic economy roared: 7 million new jobs, 401K’s doubled, 3.5% unemployment, major reduction in taxes for all. Under Biden food and gas prices have gone through the roof, 401Ks have become 201Ks and a recession is on the horizon.

Trump’s support of 250K Indian DALCA Kids.

Whereas Democrats love an open border through which 200K illegals come across every month & cost American tax payers over $200B/yr, they support only DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival, but only if you’re illegal), Trump has agreed to champion the cause of children who arrived here legally and also reduction of Green card Backlog

We must support Trump candidates to save 250K
Indian DALCA Kids

Biggest threat to US & India is China. Only Trump can Stop It.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden receives millions of $$ from China, so it is very doubtful that Joe Biden & Democrats will do anything to prevent China from ruling the world by their 100th Anniversary, 2049. In 2021 Democrats passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that has a fake provision of Made in America. The only man who can stop China is President Trump. President said this on Oct 21, 2022 in Mar-a-Lago: “We must have sustained tariffs on chinese imports”. This would bring more business for Hindu American manufacturers and create more US jobs in PCB & Electronics Industries.

In 1962, China deceived India by chanting “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” and then attacked India. Now through their manufacturing power they want to rule the world.

Trump’s endorsement of Hindu Holocaust Memorial™ ©

Whereas Biden and Democrats are in denial that Hindus in their own land Bharat, have been subject to a genocide for past 1000 years, President Trump opened world’s eyes by stating on Oct 21, 2022 at RHC Diwali Celebration at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida “I fully endorse the idea of building a Hindu Holocaust Memorial in DC”.

Democrats in general conveniently ignore the fact that Pakistan emboldoned by China has waged 4 wars against India since 1947 and still engages in cross border terrorism.

Aurangzeb tortured and killed lakhs of Hindus including burying Guru Gobind Singh’s children alive in a wall & making Banda Bahadur eat his child’s heart before killing him

If you want U.S. Policy to be pro-India like it was under President Trump, you must go out and vote for Trump endorsed candidates.

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